Lincoln Center

New York, New York

Architect FX Fowle

Contractor RC Dolner


Aurora Series


Iridescent Pearl White Powder Coat

Door Type

Flush-glazed, Slim-profile


Tempered, Gradient Privacy Film

Project Overview

The offices at Lincoln Center needed to do several things: provide acoustic and visual privacy for confidential meetings adjacent to a noisy, public corridor, allow light to penetrate areas of the space that would otherwise be too dark, and still maintain the strict aesthetic requirements of the world-renowned Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. FX Fowle found the right configuration by combining Sky Walls Aurora System with our Slim-line double glazed doors. To maintain and reflect as much light as possible, iridescent pearl white powder coat finish was selected, and visual privacy was provided with a subtle gradient film. The glass film is translucent, and gradually fades to clear as it approaches the top. The doors are double-glazed for enhanced acoustics, and flush-glazed, so the doors, when closed, provide an uninterrupted plane without setbacks.