Government Project

Woodbridge, New Jersey

Architect Ware Malcomb

Contractor Sweetwater Construction Corp.


Stratus Series


Clear Anodized

Door Type

Slim-profile Flush-glazed Doors, both swing and slider


Clear Tempered

Project Overview

The offices for this important government organization required both visual appeal and enhanced acoustic attenuation. Although the driving factor was acoustics, the client also needed a wall system that would impress visitors. When designing this project, the client and Ware Malcomb selected Sky Walls Stratus Series. The system, provided in a combination of single and double glazed is enhanced even further by our double-glazed doors and four-sided acoustic seals. The rabbeted doors with their flush glazing create a single plane of glass with their neighboring panels. The various films provide differing levels of visual privacy. This system was delivered four weeks after approvals.