Media Entertainment Company

New York, New York

Architect Truisi Design Group

Contractor Benchmark Builders


Aurora Series


Clear Anodized

Door Type

Wood doors with painted finish


Clear Tempered

Project Overview

This multi-floor project demonstrates our team effort between design and operations. The design for the fronts continued as the floors were being built-out, requiring a very fast turnaround in operations. Additionally, the mullions needed to align with various datum points on the project, which required multiple series of site measurements, and strict coordination with the contractor and other subcontractors. Despite the precision required, Sky Walls delivered and installed this project per the client’s tight schedule. To ensure a superior quality installation, the wood doors on this (and all our projects), are hand cut to each opening, to ensure minimal and uniform undercuts. Since the original project, we have provided this client our wall system for additional floors, a testament to their continued faith in our quality and service.